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Soundproofing apartments in Leeds one pad at a time

Owning an apartment in or around the suburbs of a vibrant city such as Leeds gives you access to the very best of city life – the bars, the restaurants and the shops are enough to match even the biggest cities in the world but living in such close proximity to all this hustle and bustle can come with a downside. Noise!

Here at City Insulation we specialise in soundproofing apartments and flats in and around Leeds so that you can wave a silent byebye to all that noise.

Sources of sound when living in apartments or flats:

  • Outside traffic
  • Late night bar crawlers
  • Industrial extraction fans
  • Dogs (both outside and inside the building)
  • Neighbours going about their daily business (talking, walking, watching television, playing music)
  • Crying babies

Whether the noise is coming from outside or from within the building, whichever way you look at it, noise can be real nuisance. City Insulation has helped many homeowners and landlords in Leeds and the surrounding areas with soundproofing their properties.

Expert apartment soundproofing in Leeds

Over many years we have built up experience that has enabled us to assemble a team of tradesmen who work to the highest of standards and UK building regulations. We are highly motivated to offer more than our competitors and we are constantly assessing new ways of doing things so that we can stay one step ahead in the market.

We are able to offer a number of expert soundproofing systems at a fixed price per metre so there will be no hidden costs or extras. The system proposed will depend on the source of the noise complaint, space restrictions (how little you wish to reduce your ceiling height / room footage by and also the grade of materials.

Areas we can address to soundproof your apartment:

We can help and guide you in every aspect of soundproofing your apartment, including:

Sprayfoaming apartments in Leeds

One element of the apartment soundproofing system we often implement is sprayfoam. Here at City Insulation we use only the highest quality acoustic materials on our jobs and unlike many soundproofing companies our sprayfoam solution incorporates Icynene Polyurethane Sprayfoam.

Beware of imitations that will leave your apartment smelling of chemicals and without the acoustic performance you desired. Icynene is a non toxic open cell compound that when sprayed creates a flexible, airtight seal. It does not absorb moisture unlike other sprayfoams, ensuring condensation will not raise its ugly head.

Icynene contains no harmful agents, volatile organic chemicals, HCFCs, HFAs, HFCs or formaldehyde.

Icynene is the only foam on the market that has achieved BBA, ETA and IAB certifications.


  • Our sprayfoam insulations have a warranty the length of the buildings life and this is also transferable to new owners of the building.
  • Our soundproofing workmanship is guaranteed for a minimum of two years.

Guaranteed apartment soundproofing quality every step of the way

What we guarantee to you:

  • Soundproofing expertise and experience
  • Reliable, market leading acoustic materials
  • Fixed cost jobs
  • Reliable and timely tradesman
  • Efficiency on the job – we’ll be out of your hair in no time
  • Excellent value for money
  • Care and attention to detail

Our acoustic work not only dramatically improves impact and airborne sound but additionally U-Values will become lower, seeing the thermal performance of the insulated area increase and thus helping nicely with the energy bills.

Impeccable customer service

At City Insulation we are proud of what we have achieved – our service is professional, friendly and reliable – exactly what our customers expect.

So if you are looking to soundproof your apartment in Leeds (or any other building in any other area for that mater) and you want a reputable company to come and offer you a free no obligation quote then look no further… We promise that you will not be disappointed.

To find out more contact us on 0330 111 2946 or email us on info@www.cityinsulation.co.uk

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