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Soundproofing Manchester & the North of England

Welcome to City Insulation. We are a Manchester based soundproofing company – the UK’s one-stop shop for soundproofing and room acoustics. We solve every day sound related problems, with our extensively tested soundproofing system designs which are able to be customized to provide a solution for every problem. With highly trained contractors travelling far and wide, we create and build cutting edge soundproofing systems that control the passage of noise in your workplace or your home.

Types of Soundproofing Systems

We offer a range of systems to soundproof ceilingssoundproof walls and soundproof floors throughout the North of England. Whether you are a bar, a restaurant, have a home office or a new commercial office space, a hotel or simply a homeowner with noisy neighbours, City Insulation offers affordable, end-to-end wall, floor and ceiling sound management solutions. We also love to work with clients who are looking to create a home cinema or music/recording studio.

The City Insulation Soundproofing Guarantee

At city insulation we are proud to offer a service that brings a smile to the faces of our customers when they hear the difference our soundproofing makes to their lives.

Our years of experience mean we have tried and tested the many soundproofing and acoustic materials available on the marketplace, and we use only the best acoustic materials for our installations. We are passionate about ensuring the job is completed correctly, and we have the upmost confidence the soundproofing systems we install will perform at the highest possible levels. City Insulations team consists of acoustical consultants, specialist soundproofing fitters, builders and joiners ensuring all jobs are completed to the highest of standards and we happily offer a 2 year workmanship guarantee on all of our work.

Price challenge

Soundproofing need not be expensive – here at City Insulation, we can provide solid, affordable soundproofing solutions to all our clients. We promise to beat any like for like quote so why hesitate – call one of our soundproofing experts today today.


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Domestic & Commercial Soundproofing

domestic soundproofing

Domestic soundproofing

Here at City Insulation we understand all too well the anguish that can come with having to live with unwanted external noises taking over your home and personal space. It is important home is a place where you can find solace, in privacy without having noise pollution cause issues.

If you have a neighbour who enjoys playing loud music, or perhaps a family with young children lives next door, barking dogs, or you’re a student landlord who keeps getting noise complaints from your tenants, then speak to one of our domestic soundproofing experts who can put together a plan and soundproofing design to effectively soundproof your home where needed. We provide affordable home soundproofing to people living in the UK. Get in touch today. 0330 111 2945

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Commercial soundproofing

Do you own a noisy bar, restaurant or hotel? Do you struggle to have a private conversation in your office? Here at City Insulation, we are servicing the rising demand for commercial soundproofing. Buildings regulations stipulate that any new business premises must comply with Part E buildings regulations in the ‘resistance to the passage of sound Part E 2010‘.

Theatres, museums, radio stations or even shops are requiring soundproofing to be incorporated into their builds or conversions to fight the spread of unwanted noise to the outside or to neighbours.

Speak to one of our soundproofing experts today to find out how we can help.