• Improve thermal insulation of existing windows by up to 65%
  • Solutions to fit any size and shape of window
  • Improve your commercial EPC rating

As an extra layer of insulation, secondary glazing helps to minimise heat loss and heat gain through windows, resulting in reduced energy consumption and increased thermal comfort.

The thermal benefits of secondary glazing in commercial premises, include better insulation, with regulated and stable temperatures throughout rooms.

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Here are just a few ways we can City insulation can help

Shielding against the heat

Secondary glazing acts as a protective shield against heat transfer by adding an extra layer of insulation to existing windows. The air gap between the original window and the specially manufactured glass in the secondary glazing creates a buffer zone that reduces heat transfer through conduction and convection. This prevents heat loss during colder months and heat gain during warmer periods, improving the overall thermal performance of the building.

Keeping it toasty inside

One of the primary benefits of secondary glazing is its ability to minimise heat loss through windows. As an additional barrier, secondary glazing prevents warm air from escaping and cold air from entering a commercial premises. That means reduced reliance on heating systems, lower energy consumption, and cost savings on heating bills. A more stable indoor temperature gives staff a comfortable work environment right throughout the year.

Reflecting the sun’s heat

Secondary glazing plays a significant role in reducing solar heat gain. When combined with low-emissivity glass coatings or solar control films, it helps to reflect a significant portion of the sun’s heat, preventing it from entering the building. This reduces the need for air conditioning and mechanical cooling systems, resulting in energy savings and a reduced environmental impact.

City Insultation’s secondary glazing expertise brings a range of thermal benefits for both private and public organisations. Our secondary glazing enhances insulation, reduces heat loss and heat gain, improves comfort, and controls condensation. By investing in secondary glazing you can improve energy efficiency and reduce costs, while creating a comfortable and sustainable working environment for employees.

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James A.
Adam visited our property to advise on noise from a pool plant room that was coming into the house. He advised on the best approach to eliminate the vibration that was being heard. On his advice this has now been resolved. Adam was great to deal with and we would highly recommend his company
Katja K.
The customer service was fantastic with our quotes updated several times to match our requirements. The team that came out were very efficient and stayed late to finish the job in one day without being asked to. The sound proofing is of really high quality and we haven't heard any noises at all from our neighbours since it was installed
Peter D.
I can't praise City Insulation enough they are very professional, informative, courteous and they certainly know their stuff. They completed our lounge and dining room soundproofing in two days, which was completed with great care and respect to our home and furnishings (thanks to a great installation team). Do yourself a favour and choose City Insulation, it's no surprise that they get regular 5 star ratings.
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