Internal Wall Insulation

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Among the various insulation options open to homeowners, internal wall insulation stands out as arguably the most effective solution.

Thermal internal wall insulation greatly contributes to creating comfortable, energy-efficient and sustainable living spaces, adding value to the home.

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Here are just a few ways we can City insulation can help

Improving a home’s energy efficiency

One of the primary advantages of thermal internal wall insulation is its ability to significantly enhance a home’s energy efficiency. By adding insulation to the interior face of external walls, heat loss through the building envelope is minimised. The insulation acts as a barrier, reducing thermal bridging and preventing cold spots. As a result, internal wall insulation helps maintain a more stable and comfortable indoor temperature while reducing the reliance on heating systems.

The comforts of a warm home

Thermal internal wall insulation plays a crucial role in enhancing thermal comfort within homes. By reducing heat transfer through the walls, insulation helps create a more uniform temperature distribution throughout the living space. Cold drafts and uneven heating are minimised, providing a cosy environment in winter and preventing overheating in summer.

Managing the moisture

Internal wall insulation helps to manage condensation and moisture-related issues. The insulation layer acts as a barrier, preventing warm interior air from coming into contact with cold external surfaces. This helps to reduce the risk of condensation forming on walls, which can lead to mould and its related damage. By managing moisture effectively, internal wall insulation contributes to maintaining a healthier indoor environment, protecting the integrity of the building structure.

Build in new aesthetics

Thermal internal wall insulation offers flexibility in design and aesthetics. The insulation materials can be installed in various ways, including constructing a new stud wall or applying insulation directly onto the existing wall surface. This flexibility allows homeowners and architects to choose the most suitable method based on the specific requirements and constraints of the building.

Environmentally sustainable for the future

By improving energy efficiency, thermal internal wall insulation contributes to environmental sustainability. Reduced energy consumption leads to lower greenhouse gas emissions, thereby mitigating the impact of climate change. Additionally, the improved thermal performance of homes reduces the demand for fossil fuel-based heating, promoting the move towards renewable energy sources.

With thermal internal wall insulation from City Insulation, there are numerous benefits, including improved energy efficiency, enhanced thermal comfort, condensation control, design flexibility, and environmental sustainability. Homeowners can enjoy reduced energy bills, greater comfort, and a healthier indoor environment, while contributing to a more sustainable future.

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Peter D.
I can't praise City Insulation enough they are very professional, informative, courteous and they certainly know their stuff. They completed our lounge and dining room soundproofing in two days, which was completed with great care and respect to our home and furnishings (thanks to a great installation team). Do yourself a favour and choose City Insulation, it's no surprise that they get regular 5 star ratings.
Ivan J.
Adam & Rachel were professional, knowledgeable and genuine people to deal with. I knew nothing about sound proofing but they talked me through all my options to help me understand the best options for my particular wall. They were also really helpful on suggesting work that fitted within my budget, there were other more expensive options but they recommended the best package for me that would have the most impact not just the most expensive. The sound proofing they installed on my party wall to reduce noise from neighbours (screaming children, overly loud tv, shouting etc..) has been game... changing. Since being completed me and my partner can now sit and have a conversation without having to put music or tv on in background to drown out the neighbour noise. The work was very professional, the finishes excellent and all the lads took real care to protect existing furniture, carpets etc... The work was completed in a very professional manner and attention to detail was fantastic. Some firms do their bit and leave but they even arranged for other tradesmen to help complete the redecoration work after they had left i.e. plasterer, plumber (to re-mount a radiator) whose work was also of an equally excellent standard. I would highly recommend city insulation to anyone wanting to work with a truly professional business whose end product does exactly what it says on the tin! Thank you Adam & Rachel you were a pleasure to deal more
Amelia C.
I recently used City Insulation to help with soundproofing my semi-detached house. I could hear my neighbours TV, door slamming and arguments, to the extent that I felt like I lived with them! City Insulation installed their ‘Independent Wall plus both upgrades’ system on every adjoining wall to my neighbours and the results have been great! The noise has been reduced by around 80% in the three rooms and I no longer feel the intrusion from next door. I knew nothing about soundproofing before the job was done, and City are not local to where I live so it was a bit of a’ leap of faith’.... However, Rachel has been fantastic in responding to all my queries, Adam was really knowledgable about getting the right solution for me and the installation team (Nick, Jack and Brad) were so efficient in getting the work done and to a really high standard. Thank you team for all your help - it’s really appreciated!read more
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