• Improve regulatory compliance around sound levels in the workplace
  • Improve employee comfort and reduce sickness
  • Improve staff productivity and boost revenue

Industrial environments are characterised by high levels of noise generated by machinery and manufacturing processes.

So the need to soundproof industrial premises is often more acute than for other businesses, for the benefit of workers, but also in relation to the surroundings, where a factory, or similar, might be set amongst the local community.

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Here are just a few ways we can City insulation can help

Looking after your workers’ well-being

Excessive noise in industrial settings can cause various health issues, including hearing loss, stress, fatigue, and reduced concentration. By lowering noise levels, soundproofing creates a safer and healthier work environment: industrial workers are less likely to suffer from long-term hearing damage and can perform their tasks more effectively and safely, day-to-day.

Compliance with regulations

Industrial operations are subject to noise regulations and guidelines to protect workers’ hearing and limit noise pollution in surrounding areas. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in penalties and adverse legal consequences. Soundproofing helps industrial premises meet the required noise standards, ensuring a safe and compliant working environment while maintaining a positive relationship with regulatory authorities.

Greater productivity, better communication

High noise levels make it challenging for workers to concentrate, leading to errors and reduced efficiency. Soundproofing measures, such as acoustic panels, soft acoustic partitioning, and vibration isolation systems, help to reduce noise transmission, creating a quieter and more focused environment. Improved communication among workers leads to better coordination, faster response times, and enhanced operational efficiency.

A quieter environment for happier workers

In an environment where high noise levels are a part of daily life, they can lead to stress, fatigue, and decreased job satisfaction among workers. By reducing noise distractions, well designed acoustic measures help to create a calmer and more enjoyable workspace. This can promote worker well-being, foster a positive work culture, and increase overall job satisfaction, whilst improving sick rates.

Don’t be the noisy neighbours

Industrial facilities located near residential areas need to be mindful of the impact of noise on the surrounding community. Excessive noise can lead to complaints from neighbours and potential conflicts. Soundproofing measures in industrial premises help mitigate noise pollution, maintain good community relations, and ensure harmony within the local neighbourhood.

City Insulation can demonstrate how investing in soundproofing in industrial premises is just one way to prioritise the well-being of your workers. We can also help to ensure regulatory compliance, while creating a more efficient and harmonious environment for everyone – neighbours included.

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James A.
Adam visited our property to advise on noise from a pool plant room that was coming into the house. He advised on the best approach to eliminate the vibration that was being heard. On his advice this has now been resolved. Adam was great to deal with and we would highly recommend his company
Katja K.
The customer service was fantastic with our quotes updated several times to match our requirements. The team that came out were very efficient and stayed late to finish the job in one day without being asked to. The sound proofing is of really high quality and we haven't heard any noises at all from our neighbours since it was installed
Peter D.
I can't praise City Insulation enough they are very professional, informative, courteous and they certainly know their stuff. They completed our lounge and dining room soundproofing in two days, which was completed with great care and respect to our home and furnishings (thanks to a great installation team). Do yourself a favour and choose City Insulation, it's no surprise that they get regular 5 star ratings.
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