What is soundproofing

Soundproofing is the process of making a room or a building resistant to the passage of sound through noise reduction techniques.

How does soundproofing work?

Soundproofing systems are a combination of materials that affect sound transmission by altering the density, separation and depth of a ceiling, wall or floor. Typically, the greater the separation, density and depth of the system being installed, the better the noise reduction.

How much does it cost to soundproof a room?

That all depends on the room that we’re soundproofing and whether it is just ceiling, floor or walls that we’re soundproofing or a combination. It will be done on a fixed price per metre so there will be no hidden costs. We are totally transparent.

We will also beat any like for like quote.

I have a fixed budget I need to work with for this soundproofing

No worries, let us know where we need to be and we’ll do our utmost to meet you there but without compromising on material or workmanship quality.

How long does it take to soundproof a room?

Typically we can soundproof approximately 10-15m2 per day on the more basic soundproofing systems.

Will it cost more if the work is not completed by the deadline?

No, all work is carried out on a fixed cost per metre so this will not affect the end price whatsoever.

Are site visits free?

Depending on where you are, they may or may not be but one thing is for sure – you will get back every penny should we do the work. We don’t like to be busy fools

Acoustic treatment or soundproofing?

Acoustics are generally concerned with the control of sound waves within a room such as a music studio. Sound waves bouncing off the room perimeter can interact and cause distortion to that being recorded so those systems are there to stop the bouncing. Soundproofing is more about noise intrusion from outside and this is done through a number of techniques including adding additional acoustic insulation to an affected area.

Do I have to use the exact systems on our website?

Not at all, we are able to discuss with you the options around this – we can use a combination of the different soundproofing systems if needs be and there are upgradeable materials that can be included in any system to offer that extra hand in reducing noise.

Why do I need sound proofers, why can’t I use a builder?

We do this day in day out and pay huge attention to detail. There are many opportunities for error and when an error is made it can render the whole soundproofing system null and void. We are specialists in soundproofing and we know our stuff. Would you ask your gardener to build you an extension?

What is impact noise?

Impact noise is sound that travels through the fabric of a building travelling from one room to another.

What is airborne noise

Airborne noise is sound that makes it from one room to another via the means of air particles sitting between the two rooms.

What is flanking noise?

Flanking noise is a combination of airborne and impact noise that makes its way to the walls of one room, down the walls and out into the space of another room. We ensure that flanking noise is addressed by using things like acoustic mastic, perimeter beads and open cell sprayfoam injections.

How much space will I lose?

This all depends on the soundproofing system installed – guidance on this can be found on each of the respective floor soundproofing, ceiling soundproofing and wall soundproofing pages.

What happens to lights, electrical fixtures, fittings such as radiators and furniture?

Lights will be relocated in exactly the same position as they were before. Radiators will need to be removed prior to insulation work commencing. Either you can do this or we can get one of our contractors to quote a price for this.

Typically we like to have a room as bare as possible before we come in as we can get straight to soundproofing but we can factor in things like moving fittings etc if needs be into our quote as a separate line item.

We’d prefer an empty room in terms of furniture but as mentioned above we can help move this if needs be and also some of it may be able to stay in the room and we can work around it.

Do you provide coverings for the floor and furniture?

Yes, we provide coverings for all furniture staying in the room as well as an extremely durable floor covering.

Do floorboards need to be removed?

Not always – depending on the nature of the noise we’re trying to prevent by soundproofing the floor system, it is not always necessary to remove floorboards.

Do you plaster / paint the finished wall / ceiling?

No, this is your responsibility

How long will a quote be valid for?

30 days unless otherwise stated.

Is our work guaranteed?

We are so confident about our workmanship that we offer a 2 year guarantee on just that! We cannot be held accountable for devoid products or sound leakage occurring from changes in the structural integrity of a room / building.

Do I need to pay for additional materials or pay towards delivery costs?

Absolutely not, we cover all material purchase and delivery costs.

Are we insured?

Yes we are fully business and pubic liability insured.

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