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A Garden Studio can be a little enclave of peace.

Slightly removed from the main home, it is somewhere to gain a sense of place, in calm surroundings that foster creativity and the ability to work well. Keeping such structures soundproofed and well-insulated is essential to creating the perfect hideaway.

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Here are just a few ways we can City insulation can help

Less noise, better acoustics

Soundproofing effectively reduces the transmission of external noise into your garden studio, which allows you to enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment free from distractions. Equally, with the inclusion of acoustic panels, insulation, and diffusers you can greatly improve the acoustics within your garden studio – ideal if you have a sonic project in mind, such as a home recording studio.

A flexible and versatile space

A soundproofed garden studio offers flexibility in its usage. You can engage in a wide range of activities without worrying about disturbing others or being disturbed. Whether you’re painting, practicing yoga, conducting virtual meetings, or pursuing a hobby, a soundproofed environment allows you to fully enjoy your space and explore your interests without limitations.

Guaranteed comfort all year round

Soundproofing and thermal treatments provide additional insulation, helping to regulate temperature and create a comfortable environment in your garden studio throughout the year. Insulated walls and windows can prevent heat loss during colder months and minimise heat gain during warmer seasons, ensuring a pleasant and energy-efficient space in which to work or relax.

Increase the value of your property

A well-designed and soundproofed garden studio can add significant value to your property, as an attractive feature for potential buyers or tenants who seek an additional private and quiet space.

If you’re considering an outside structure at the end of the garden, then soundproofing and thermal control should be of paramount importance. With City Insulation, you can create a garden studio that offers a serene and versatile space for productivity, creativity, and the shared enjoyment of activities for all the family.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our satisfied customers have to say.

James A.
Adam visited our property to advise on noise from a pool plant room that was coming into the house. He advised on the best approach to eliminate the vibration that was being heard. On his advice this has now been resolved. Adam was great to deal with and we would highly recommend his company
Katja K.
The customer service was fantastic with our quotes updated several times to match our requirements. The team that came out were very efficient and stayed late to finish the job in one day without being asked to. The sound proofing is of really high quality and we haven't heard any noises at all from our neighbours since it was installed
Peter D.
I can't praise City Insulation enough they are very professional, informative, courteous and they certainly know their stuff. They completed our lounge and dining room soundproofing in two days, which was completed with great care and respect to our home and furnishings (thanks to a great installation team). Do yourself a favour and choose City Insulation, it's no surprise that they get regular 5 star ratings.
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