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Property developers are always looking for ways to bring added value and substance to their properties.

What better way to enhance a building’s appeal than through marketing a new home as being soundproofed and acoustically sound. People look to a new home to offer an island of peace and solace, and in partnership with City Insulation you can do just that than by creating a soundproof house or unit.

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Here are just a few ways we can City insulation can help

Adding value to a build

Incorporating soundproofing and acoustic solutions into property development projects can increase the value and desirability of the properties. Potential buyers or tenants appreciate the attention given to creating a comfortable and quiet living or working environment. Soundproofed properties are often seen as high-quality and premium, attracting a wider market.

Standing out from the crowd

In a competitive property market, homes that offer superior soundproofing and acoustic performance stand out from the rest. Working with a professional soundproofing and acoustics company like City Insulation allows property developers to differentiate their projects by offering a unique selling point. This can give them a competitive edge, attracting discerning buyers or tenants who prioritise a peaceful and acoustically optimised living or working space.

Compliance with building regulations

Building regulations often include requirements for sound insulation and acoustic performance. Property developers must ensure that their projects meet these regulations to obtain necessary certifications and approvals. We have expertise in navigating these regulations and can ensure compliance, saving time and avoiding potential issues in the approval process.

Happy homeowners are happy customers

Soundproofing and acoustics directly impact the quality of life and user experience for home occupants. By investing in professional soundproofing solutions, property developers can create spaces that offer improved noise control, speech intelligibility, and overall acoustic comfort. This leads to higher occupant satisfaction, reduced complaints, and a positive reputation for the developer.

Future-proofing with soundproofing.

By implementing soundproofing measures during the construction phase, potential issues and costly retrofits can be avoided down the line. This saves time, money, and inconvenience for both developers and occupants, essentially future-proofing the property from the moment the owners pick up their keys.

City Insulation can offer expert guidance and develop customer solutions. We will work with you to tailor the specific needs of each development project. We will assess the unique requirements of the property, provide customised solutions, and oversee the implementation of all soundproofing acoustic treatments. Our expertise will ensure that the soundproofing measures align with the architectural design, construction timelines, and budget constraints.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our satisfied customers have to say.

Liam S.
Great experience start to finish - quickly came round and quoted, providing confidence in what they would do and who would be involved, co-ordinated all the individual workers who worked to a high standard. The work itself was done to a high quality and on-time, and the difference has been amazing - great company, would highly recommend.
Don T.
We are all absolutely delighted with City Insulation and the work they have just completed at my brother's house in Liverpool. Sadly my brother is living with alzheimers now and he does have some noisy outbursts now and again, which is natural for this horrible illness. He is being cared for 24/7 in a normal semi-detached house in Liverpool however his neighbours are not normal and keep complaining and putting in complaints to the police / council etc. I found Adam/City Insulation on the internet and he was so understanding and came up with exactly the right solution. All the carers in... the house are delighted and its made their job easier as they no longer worry about the next door neighbours who have got to find something else to complain about now! A big thanks to Adam and his team and if you have any noise issues etc you now know who to contact! (Ps very clean, very quick job, great value for money)read more
George Q.
Best experience I've had with any tradesman to be honest. We needed to improve soundproofing in commercial meeting rooms/studios and he laid out the different options very clearly so we could make the best decision from a range of budgets. His team were extremely professional, delivered the work exactly when they said they would with zero delays. Very friendly and flexible with everything onsite. Would thoroughly recommend.
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