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Your home is a sanctuary for you and your family. Somewhere to close the door on the world and enjoy peace and quiet. We’re here for that last part – the quiet. As the North West’s leading soundproofing and thermal insulation company, we have over 10 years’ experience of making all kinds of homes soundproof and energy-efficient.

As you’ll see, we have soundproofing covered from all angles – walls, floors and ceilings – and for those special rooms in your homes such as home cinemas, home offices and studios for all manner of pastimes, hobbies and relaxation. Whilst we’re first and foremost a sound business, thermal insulation is also a key area of expertise – in these times of soaring energy bills, we have solutions that can keep you warm in winter, and cool in summer – keeping energy bills low and helping the climate. Let City Insulation take away the noise of everyday life and bring the comfort home. Here’s just a few reasons why soundproofing your home is a good investment.

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Here are just a few ways we can bring peace and quiet to your domestic premises.

Keeping the noise at bay

One of the main benefits of home soundproofing is the reduction of unwanted noise from external sources. Whether you live in a busy city or town with traffic noise or next to noisy neighbours, soundproofing minimises the impact of these disturbances. It also keeps the noise in, so if you’re a family with kids, soundproofing gives as good as it gets, creating a quieter indoor environment, allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet right throughout your home.

Privacy even in a smaller space

Soundproofing maintains privacy in your home by reducing the transmission of sound between rooms. This is especially beneficial in shared living spaces, apartments, or houses with thin walls – and where you have kids, who need to study and concentrate on school or college work. With soundproofing from City Insulation, you gain privacy, enjoy your hobbies, and maintain confidentiality and discretion, without worrying about noise traveling to adjacent rooms.

Everything is clear: better acoustics

We can help to improve the acoustic performance of your home, particularly in areas where sound quality matters, such as home theatres, music rooms, or even in a home-based recording studio. Controlling echoes and reverberation with acoustic panels or specialised materials lets you enjoy a more immersive audio experience.

Sleep more soundly

Soundproofing bedrooms significantly improves sleep quality by blocking out external noise that is shown to disrupt sleep patterns. Whether it’s loud street noise, barking dogs, or the noise from cars, planes and trains, a soundproofed bedroom creates a serene and peaceful sleeping environment, for a good night’s sleep.

Working smarter, without distraction

Home soundproofing is a real aid for working out of home offices or study areas – a fact of daily life, much more common after covid. Reducing noisy distractions from outside helps with concentration on work, studies, or hobbies, with a positive impact on performance and overall well-being.

Reducing energy-use, and heating bills

Soundproofing improves the insulation capacity of your home, increasing energy efficiency in your home and cutting bills significantly. By sealing gaps, cracks, and air leaks, soundproofing prevents the transfer of noise and thermal energy. For a more sustainable home, soundproofing is one of the most effective measures you can take.

A good investment all round

Soundproofing your home can add value. Potential buyers or renters appreciate properties that offer a quiet and peaceful living environment, and one where you can demonstrate energy-savings. So soundproofing measures demonstrate your commitment to creating a comfortable home, making it more attractive to prospective buyers or tenants.

Soundproofing from City Insulation brings numerous benefits that contribute to a more enjoyable living experience. We’ll reduce noise pollution, enhance privacy, promote better sleep, improve focus and productivity, and increase energy efficiency – boosting the value of your home in the process. Sounds good?

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Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our satisfied customers have to say.

Liam S.
Great experience start to finish - quickly came round and quoted, providing confidence in what they would do and who would be involved, co-ordinated all the individual workers who worked to a high standard. The work itself was done to a high quality and on-time, and the difference has been amazing - great company, would highly recommend.
Don T.
We are all absolutely delighted with City Insulation and the work they have just completed at my brother's house in Liverpool. Sadly my brother is living with alzheimers now and he does have some noisy outbursts now and again, which is natural for this horrible illness. He is being cared for 24/7 in a normal semi-detached house in Liverpool however his neighbours are not normal and keep complaining and putting in complaints to the police / council etc. I found Adam/City Insulation on the internet and he was so understanding and came up with exactly the right solution. All the carers in... the house are delighted and its made their job easier as they no longer worry about the next door neighbours who have got to find something else to complain about now! A big thanks to Adam and his team and if you have any noise issues etc you now know who to contact! (Ps very clean, very quick job, great value for money)read more
George Q.
Best experience I've had with any tradesman to be honest. We needed to improve soundproofing in commercial meeting rooms/studios and he laid out the different options very clearly so we could make the best decision from a range of budgets. His team were extremely professional, delivered the work exactly when they said they would with zero delays. Very friendly and flexible with everything onsite. Would thoroughly recommend.
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