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Floor Soundproofing

Floor soundproofing in both domestic and commercial properties is very popular for the simple fact that people like privacy in their lives. If you work or live above a slightly noisy neighbour you will know that this noise can become a very testing part of life.

Sources of noise that floor soundproofing can remedy

Noise can be in one of two formats – impact or airborne and there are a number of systems that we can install to reduce the noise you area hearing. Common sources of noise include:

  • Footfall (impact)
  • Music (airborne)
  • Shouting (airborne)
  • Dogs barking (airborne)
  • Loud TV’s & Surround sound systems (impact & airborne)

City Insulations approach to floor soundproofing

Our experience, knowledge and highly skilled team of tradesmen ensures that we work professionally and efficiently. Over the years, we have worked on many projects fine-tuning our customer service to the point where we know exactly what is required and expected of us.

We listen to our clients and go above and beyond the call of duty. We offer high standards, excellent value for money and reliability and that is what sets us apart from the rest.

We will leave your property tidy every night and will always put down floor / furniture coverings to prevent them from collecting work dust.

Customer focussed, Customer Driven

What keeps us ticking are our customer’s. They deserve the very best and so we seek new ways of working and ways in which our service can offer them more. We invest in new soundproofing technology and we spend time training our staff so they can meet the highest expectations.

We are the fastest growing soundproofing company in the North West. Our efficient, cost-effective methods and our environmentally friendly products ensure that we cover every aspect of customer care and environmental awareness. Not only will our clients benefit from reduced sound, they will also save on their heating bills because a nice bonus of sound insulating is that we’re also heat insulating your property too!

Domestic and commercial floor soundproofing

Our services cover both the domestic and commercial sectors and no job is too big or too small. If you are looking for a service that you can rely on, a service that is professional and a service that is honest then you have come to the right place.

If you’re looking for a floor soundproofing system then why not give us a call- 0330 111 2945 or email us at info@cityinsulation.co.uk. We’d love to hear from you.

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Floor soundproofing systems

First we must establish whether it is just the floor or whether a combination of floor and wall noise flanking is causing the sound to travel. Once we know this, we can choose an appropriate floor soundproofing system to implement.

Here is some of our most popular floor soundproofing systems:

this airborne and impact noise system is installed when the height of the floor is required to be kept to a minimum. The old floorboards are removed and 100mm acoustic rockwool is placed in between the floor joists. An acoustic membrane is then laid on top of the floor joists and a tri-deck is laid out ensuring that nothing is screwed into the joists as this would conduct sound and we need to keep the floor floating. Strips of membrane will also be added to all floor edges against the walls to minimise flanking.

Floor height gain = ~0 to 1mm

Airborne sound reduction (SRI) = ~ 15-17db

Impact sound reduction (SRI) = ~ 3-5db.

This system is excellent for impact noise with very good airborne noise reduction properties also. Original floorboards are taken up and 100mm acoustic rockwool is placed in between the floor joists beneath. The original floor is then relayed and attached with screws and the gaps between them are filled with acoustic mastic. Heavy-duty sound barrier mats are then laid on top of the floor. If a hard floor is to be laid on top then a perimeter barrier is fitted to stop noise flanking down the walls.

Floor height gain = ~14-17mm

Airborne sound reduction (SRI) = ~ 13-15db

Impact sound reduction (SRI) = ~ 25-27db.

An excellent system for airborne sound reduction. The original floorboards are removed and 100mm acoustic rockwool is placed between the floor joists underneath. Original floorboards are then relayed, fixed with screws and the gaps between them filled with acoustic mastic. A 19mm soundshield board is then laid over the top of the floor. All edges are sealed with acoustic mastic to reduce flanking.

Floor height gain = 19mm

Airborne sound reduction (SRI) = ~ 17-19db

Impact sound reduction (SRI) = ~ 3-5db.

This is not as effective as the non-sub Soundshield system but is great for those properties where no floor height can be lost. Similar to the above system but the Soundshield is placed under the floorboards. The floorboards are then relayed with screws to stop movement in the floor and if the floorboards are to be covered then acoustic mastic is added in between floorboards.

Floor height gain = 0mm

Airborne sound reduction (SRI) = ~ 14-16db

Impact sound reduction (SRI) = ~ 2-4db.

This is a high performance floor for both impact and airborne noise where the old floorboards are no longer required. Old floorboards are lifted and acoustic rockwool is inserted between the exposed floor joists. A tri deck system is then layed over the whole floor area, ensuring that noting is screwed into the joists, as the whole floor needs to float. Acoustic strips are set out around the perimeter to stop flanking.

Floor height gain = 35mm

Airborne sound reduction (SRI) = ~ 18-20db

Impact sound reduction (SRI) = ~ 22-24db.

Excellent for both airborne and impact sound reduction where the client wishes for the original floorboards to remain. This system utilises 100mm acoustic rockwool between the floor joists. Resilient strips are fitted over the floor joists in which we suspend 19mm acoustic plasterboard sections. All edges are sealed with acoustic mastic to reduce noise flanging down the walls and the original floorboards screwed down through the acoustic plasterboard into the hangers, ensuring no screws enter the floor joists.

Floor height gain = 7-9mm

Airborne sound reduction (SRI) = ~ 16-18db

Impact sound reduction (SRI) = ~ 17-19db.