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Image of a kitchen in a home with secondary glazed windows in view


Image of a floor soundproofing project we completed in Altrincham with joists exposed


image of a door seal routed into a door


Image of ceiling batons with insulation and soundproof panels


Pic of a city insulation built music studio



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Domestic soundproofing – Problem and Solution

Noisy neighbours are something we speak to people about every day. We hear stories about the inter twining personal lives, the habits and attitudes of two groups of people who simply live in close proximity to each other.


People often tell us they have just moved in and discovered they have noisy neighbours or similarly new neighbours have moved in and they can’t believe they haven’t heard anything from their previous neighbour in 10 years but they can hear everything the new neighbours are saying now!


However you have been lumbered with noisy neighbours, you have found yourself wondering what you can do about it. To sell the house is too expensive and to hope that they may change their ways or even move out some time soon is not a practical strategy for dealing with it. You may even get on with them and know they are just going about their everyday lives as a family but to confront them about the noise is too embarrassing. We have had every type of domestic noise situation thrown at us and we have helped hundreds of people in your position.

Common noise complaints that we can help with:

  • Television noise
  • Conversation / shouting / arguing

  • Radio
  • Telephone ringing
  • Footsteps
  • Doors banging
  • Street noise – cars / passers by

Soundproofing - the bottom line

Installing domestic soundproofing can give you your lives back and it can be done quickly, fairly un-invasively, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Chris M (Soundproofing Job Glossop)
Fantastic service from start to finish with City Insulation. Bibi was efficient, informative and friendly with all the initial phone calls and questions as well as throughout and made the process very easy to understand. Adam was down to earth and professional from the first visit and clearly explained all the options available. From the work being booked in every step was as they had said and they actually finished sooner than planned. It’s a dusty job but was cleaned up really well on the last day with little for me left to do. The acoustics in the house already feel so much better and I haven’t heard the neighbours through any of the walls completed as yet so it’s so far so good. Looking forward to being in the room properly when it’s all decorated and having a peaceful home. Thank you and I would highly recommend City Insulation.
Chris M (Soundproofing Job Glossop)

Libby Taylor (Sound Booth Manchester)
These guys are fantastic. I needed a room made silent for the purpose of recording as I am a voiceover with a noisy neighbour. From the start they were polite, clear in their communication and clean, tidy and punctual. Can’t recommend enough. I now have my silent room so I can work with confidence. Thank you
Libby Taylor (Sound Booth Manchester)

Rachael J (Timperley)
City insulation soundproofed our bedroom which was a party wall in a semi. They worked professionally and cleanly throughout the day, keeping us updated on their progress at all times. We could not be happier with the results - the sound from next door is reduced even more than we expected. Would highly recommend!
Rachael J (Timperley)

Godel Technologies Ltd
After an office move we found speaking to our international clients very difficult due to the echo in 7 of our online conference rooms. City Insulation solved the issue with an effective treatment that enhances the aesthetic of each room and did so with a convenient weekend install so there was no interruption to business. We now have the perfect acoustics in our conference and board rooms and productivity is being maximised.
Godel Technologies Ltd

Nam Manchester Vietnamese Bar and Kitchen
City Insulation soundproofed our restaurant ceiling against speaker noise reaching the residency above. The results were impressive. Before the noise in the flat was intrusive through the floor but after the soundproofing was completed you could hear virtually nothing. Accessing the ceiling was tricky but the process from start to finish was made easy by Adam and his team. Once soundproofed, they also acoustically treated the space and it now sounds great.
Nam Manchester Vietnamese Bar and Kitchen

Janet Stringfellow (Rotherham Install)
This company is without a doubt fantastic. I would definitely recommend this business. They are polite, helpful, (they answered all our questions promptly and were very informative), diligent and clean. This soundproofing has given me back my life and it is amazing quality. Do not go with any other business, use city insulations for your soundproofing.
Janet Stringfellow (Rotherham Install)