Are you looking to design and build an exceptional home music studio? Whether you’re starting from scratch or wanting to update an already functioning space, our service will surpass your expectations.

Music Studios Are Our Thing

Are you someone who plays a loud instrument but doesn’t want to annoy or upset the neighbours or family close by. Or are you an established band looking to convert a new warehouse space into a rehearsal space? City Insulation offer soundproofing and studio consultation, design, build and installation services to a wide variety of clients in the North of England and have made a business out of making peoples dreams become a reality.

Our skilled soundproofing team includes musicians, music producers and all round acoustic enthusiasts, drawing on the knowledge and experience of our sister company,  we acoustics. We know that soundproofing and good acoustics is essential and should be tailored to the purpose, environment and preference of the client.

Studio Services We Offer

We love getting our teeth stuck into a music studio project and building our clients the specific studio they have dreamed up in their heads. We love working with unique ideas and can very much help in the studio design process every step of with way. Our team of master craftsman can not only build the studio but can, decorate it acoustically treat it and custom build the furniture to suit your specific wants and needs. We can work to a budget and offer fixed price projects to all our clients so there are no nasty surprises.

Studio types include:

  • Recording studios
  • Broadcast Studios
  • Jam Rooms / rehearsal spaces
  • Drum rooms
  • Garden studios
  • Commercial studios
  • Basement studios

All studios come with a 2 year workmanship guarantee


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black and white photo of a music studio mixing desk

Your home recording studio project from start to finish

Studio Design icon

Studio Design

Our music studio design team are here to advise on all aspects of the design from function through to specific finished aesthetic

Studio Build icon

Studio Build

Our experienced studio build team ensures a high quality installation and finish

Acoustically treat icon

Acoustic Treatment

Our consultants will work with you to create the perfect sounding room by acoustically treating the space.

Music Studio Testimonial

How to engage with us on your music studio project

  1. Give us a call to discuss your project on 0330 111 2945
  2. Send us any plans / designs that you may have to
  3. When we have enough details we will come back to you with a ballpark price
  4. If all sounds good with the pricing, one of our studio team will come round and take precise measurements / firm up the quote

Your studio, built to your spec

We will build you a standalone studio or convert an existing room in your house, basement or even in your garage. We will ensure it has adequate sound isolation both going out and coming into the room. We will build it to your budget and taste. All aspects of work detail rigorously checked for quality, craftsmanship and function.

concrete slab

Concrete Slab Installed (where required)

electrical mains hookup

Electrical mains hookup

soundproofied walls ceilings and floor

Soundproofed walls, ceilings, windows and doors

lighting and cabling

Wiring & lighting

baffled ventilation

Baffled ventilation

Wood or laminate flooring

Painting and decorating

acoustic treatment

Acoustic treatment

Garden Music Studio, Urmston

Garage Studio Conversion, Salford

Purpose Built Music Studio Cabin, Knutsford

Studio Build FAQ’s

When soundproofing a recording studio, there are five areas which need attention: the walls, the windows, the door, the floors and the ceiling, these are the areas where sound leaks the most. Our studio soundproofing is expertly designed adding mass to the surfaces, decoupling the structure to stop vibrations passing through, using acoustic absorption materials in the cavities created by the decoupling, and adding layers of dampening compounds used to dissipate sound vibrations and minimise sound transmission. Windows and doors are treated using our custom made Acoustic Soundproofed Windows and Soundproof Doors.

It totally depends on the building / room in which the studio is to be built. We have built a variety of studios from stand alone broadcast studios and drum rooms in peoples back gardens to basement studios for a composer in someones home. We’ve converted garages and back bedrooms also. The cost will largely be dependent on how soundproofed you need it to be, how big the room is and what type of recording you’re looking to do in there (i.e. does it need a recording booth / live room / . We can work with budgets from about £8-10K for a back bedroom studio and have completed projects that reach £50K+ for a small professional studio.

We work with a variety of acoustic treatment manufacturers and are happy to work with your preference if you have one, otherwise we can highly recommend the likes of Vicoustic for their off the shelf studio packages. We offer custom made acoustic treatements also.

Acoustic Panels are used to treat the inside of the home Recording Studio and can be fitted to the walls and ceiling to assist in absorbing excess sound and scattering sound reflections by a method called diffusion.

Without internal sound absorption, sound reflections create problems because they get trapped in one spot, amplifying some frequencies, and the excess sound reflections can end up on the recording. Diffusors work by scattering reflections, so nothing gets trapped, and the natural tone is preserved.

With the right combination of soundproofing and both absorption and diffusion, City Insulation will transform virtually any space into a recording studio capable of the highest quality recording.

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