30th June 2023

Overcoming Confidentiality Issues With Soundproof Solutions 


These days, lots of offices are developed as large open spaces. They are then divided into separate rooms and zones using partitioned walls, and these stud walls are known for being really thin. Not to mention, there is usually nothing above the ceiling tiles in modern offices too, making noise leaks incredibly common and privacy a huge problem. 

Whenever you use meeting rooms or conference spaces, it is highly likely that your employees working in the main office will be able to hear your conversations. Whilst this might not necessarily be an issue, if you’re discussing confidential matters or future plans you don’t want your team to know about yet, then noise leaks can cause all kinds of problems. Thankfully, installing soundproof solutions can help to improve privacy throughout your office. 

How Can Soundproofing Help With Confidentiality Issues?

Soundproof solutions are designed to help combat both impact and airborne noise, and when you soundproof your office, you can reduce the amount of noise that travels through the walls, ceilings and floors. With the right soundproof systems, increasing the privacy in your space is really easy and you won’t have to worry about conversations being overheard. You can trust that whenever you use your meeting rooms or conference spaces to discuss important matters, your conversations will be kept private and you won’t have to worry about confidentiality issues.

Of course, if you work above, below or next to noisy neighbours, noise can become a very testing part of life too. By installing soundproof solutions in your office, you can also stop external noise from being a big distraction during the working day. So, not only can you overcome internal confidentiality issues, but you can also reduce distractions and improve the concentration and productivity of your team. 

Where Can Soundproof Solutions Be Installed?

There are lots of soundproof solutions available for commercial buildings and there are several ways you can reduce the amount of impact and airborne noise you are hearing. One of the most popular soundproof solutions for offices is wall soundproofing and, as the name suggests, this will help to prevent noise from travelling through your stud partition walls. This type of soundproofing is ideal if your meeting rooms and conference spaces are all on the same floor as your main workspace or if you don’t have issues with upstairs and downstairs neighbours.  

For example, we completed a project for a charity that had recently undergone significant works to create small rooms where victims could discuss problems in a safe environment. Unfortunately, soundproofing had not been considered as part of the build and the consultation rooms couldn’t be used. Some of the existing walls between consultation rooms had already been insulated so we took a layered mass approach there to reduce airborne noise transfer.  The walls that were shared with the common space had no insulation at all so we took down one side, insulated and then added layered mass to resilient strips on the studs. 

There was also lots of noise going over the walls above the suspended ceiling so we added a custom arrangement of insulation and soundproofing membrane to tackle this flanking path.  Finally, the doors were treated with seals and all glazing was mimicked with acoustic glass to ensure there were no weak spots.  

Speaking To A Soundproof Expert

There is no denying that soundproofing your office is one of the best ways to overcome any confidentiality issues that you’re currently facing and it can help to make your office a much more private space. If you’re interested in installing soundproof solutions in your office, be sure to contact our team at City Insulation. 

We are award-winning soundproof experts and we have helped homeowners and business owners alike overcome their noise problems. Whether you’re solely interested in wall soundproofing or you think floor and ceiling soundproofing would be beneficial too, we can help you find the perfect solutions for your office space. We pride ourselves on being the UK’s one-stop shop for soundproofing and our team of soundproof experts can solve any everyday sound-related problems. To find out more about how we can help with your commercial building, feel free to explore the rest of our website today. 

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