Case Study / Domestic


  • Location: Prestwich

The Problem

City Insulation was contacted by Lucy and Thomas to address the noise issue in their son Danny’s bedroom.  Danny has autism and needs a peaceful space to retreat to, as it can be upsetting for him if he feels his environment has become too hectic.  His parents wanted to soundproof his room to allow him the freedom to make noises without upsetting the neighbours and his family in other areas of the house.

The Solution

We tackled the floor by first creating a reinforced structure for extra strength but also a layered cushioned floating floor so that if Danny jumps up and down (which he can do quite often) the impact will not reverberate through the house or next door.  For the walls, we varied the specification depending on the wall we were treating.  So for the party wall, it was our 70kg/m2 top specification, but less on flanking walls.  We installed a solid FD30 fire door with full perimeter and drop-down seal pack.  We finished the room with new skirting boards and a replaster.

As important as it was to address the noise transfer within the room, we really wanted the space itself to be as calm as possible. We worked with CMS Danskin to provide some acoustic panels free of charge in exchange for a charitable donation from us to the National Autistic Society.

We are so pleased with the work and beyond delighted with the way it has been done. How unusual is it to find a company that starts on time and does exactly what they say they’re going to do? Hardworking, meticulous and lovely team. This will make such a positive difference to Danny’s life – huge thank you from us

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The City Insulation team consists of acoustical consultants, specialist soundproofing fitters, builders and joiners ensuring all jobs are completed to the highest of standards. As a result we are to offer a 2 year workmanship guarantee on all of our work.

Case Study / Domestic

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