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Domestic Soundproofing Myths That You Should Be Aware Of

Soundproofing has been widely used in commercial settings, such as recording studios, for many years now and it is considered to be essential in various applications. Many don’t realise that domestic soundproofing is available too and it isn’t uncommon for homeowners to simply assume that there is no need for additional soundproofing solutions in their property.

Here at City Insulation, we specialise in soundproofing and we can assure you that domestic soundproofing isn’t something that should be overlooked. If you’re currently contemplating installing soundproofing solutions in your home and you’re wondering whether this is actually worthwhile doing, below we have looked into some of the most commonly heard myths and rumours about domestic soundproofing that you should be aware of.

1. You can DIY your soundproofing

When researching how to soundproof a domestic property, lots of homeowners come across websites stipulating that it is relatively easy to deal with noise problems at home and you simply need to purchase some acoustic insulation or ‘some soundproof plasterboard’.

Although there is no denying that insulation and soundproof plasterboard are part of our systems, these alone won’t completely resolve noisy neighbour issues. It is prudent to think that soundproofing is about reducing noise from neighbours and adding in light specifications simply won’t cut the mustard. It is much more beneficial to install quality wall soundproofing and ceiling soundproofing systems instead. We offer two robust base systems with two optional upgrades and have a solution for almost all noise issues.

2. Soundproofing is expensive

Before even getting a quote from a domestic soundproofing installer, many assume that professional solutions will be incredibly expensive and combating both impact and airborne sound will drain their finances.

In reality, domestic soundproofing solutions are actually competitively priced and incredibly cost-effective. When deliberating whether to go ahead with a soundproofing project, you need to take into consideration the long-term gains that can be enjoyed. Not only will you benefit from excellent sound reduction measures yourself, but you will also be able to market these features when the time comes to sell your home. You can guarantee that soundproofing will catch the attention of prospective buyers in the future.

3. The soundproofing process is complicated

Understandably, to homeowners who have never installed soundproofing solutions in their property before, an improvement project of this kind can seem really complicated and also disruptive to their daily routine.

However, when enlisting the help of specialist domestic soundproofing installers, you won’t have to worry about the complexity of a soundproofing project. With many years of experience behind them, a team of professionals will be able to recommend the most appropriate soundproofing solutions for your home and also complete the required work within a short space of time. They will have the knowledge and skills to make this project completely hassle-free for you.

Typically we can complete a single wall within a day and the average ceiling or floor within 2 days. This is not a hard and fast rule as it depends on a number of factors, but it is not weeks like some customers assume it will be.

4. There aren’t many soundproofing contractors

Lots of homeowners are under the impression that there aren’t many companies around that install domestic soundproofing and finding a high-quality contractor to assist with their project will be really difficult. The fact is that there are lots of companies who will say they can soundproof your home, but many of them may not have the relevant knowledge or experience to ensure the noise problem is resolved. Note, we do not recommend having your soundproofing completed by a general builder.

Here at City Insulation, we are proof that there are top tier companies out there that can smoothly and seamlessly install soundproofing for you. As homeowners become more aware of the benefits associated with soundproofing, we are carrying out more and more domestic soundproofing projects. So, you can turn to us without hesitation for assistance with your soundproofing.

5. Just use Egg Boxes

Egg boxes are not something that can be used for soundproofing. In fact, they notion of using them (although there’s little benefit for this application either) is for reducing the echo within a room. When soundproofing, there are 4 factors that need to be considered: decoupling, absorption, mass and layering of different material types. Egg boxes unfortunately don’t tick any of these… boxes.

Installing domestic soundproofing in your home

At first, it is possible that you might have been a little bit dubious about the benefits associated with installing supplementary soundproofing. However, after getting some much-needed clarity on the situation, it is likely that you will want to go ahead and install domestic soundproofing in your home, and this is a project that is well worth investing in.

If you’re looking for domestic soundproofing installers you can trust to assist you with your soundproofing project, don’t hesitate to contact us here at City Insulation. We take great pride in being a highly recommended company that routinely oversees first-class soundproofing projects and we will gladly assist you further. It is always our aim to help our customers find the best solutions to combat problems with their noisy neighbours and we can assure you that you will be in the very best hands when you request our assistance.