30th June 2023

The Benefits Of Soundproofing And Acoustically Treating Your Office Space 


It goes without saying that offices are noisy places. Not only are there indoor noises like phones ringing, people typing and documents printing, but there are a number of outdoor noises to contend with too. However, reducing noise in your office space can actually be quite straightforward and simply installing soundproofing solutions can make a huge difference. 

There is an extensive range of soundproofing materials available nowadays and everything from wall soundproofing to secondary acoustic glazing and acoustic treatment can help to make your workplace a quieter environment. If you’ve never considered soundproofing your office space before and you’re wondering whether it is really worthwhile, below we have looked into some of the biggest benefits of installing soundproofing solutions in a commercial property. 

Boost Productivity 

Both airborne and impact noise can be really distracting, and the louder it is in your workplace, the harder it will be for your employees to concentrate. One of the biggest advantages of soundproofing your office space is the effect it will have on productivity and it is likely that your team will find it much easier to perform at their best without constant distractions. 

Soundproofing your office will help to prevent noise from travelling from neighbouring offices into yours and it will also help to reduce everyday outdoor noise too. You will notice a big difference in the efficiency of your team once you have removed frequent noise distractions. 

Prevent Privacy Concerns 

Lots of offices are developed as one large space and then separated with stud partition walls. These thin walls often cause problems with privacy and soundproofing your office space can help you overcome confidentiality issues. 

Whether you’re having a one-to-one meeting in your personal office or your team is brainstorming in your meeting room, installing soundproofing solutions will stop the rest of the office from being able to overhear what’s being discussed. You won’t have to worry about the ramifications of leaked conversations once you’ve soundproofed your office space. 

For example, we completed a project for a charity that had recently undergone significant works to create small rooms where victims could discuss problems in a safe environment.  Unfortunately, soundproofing had not been considered as part of the build and the consultation rooms couldn’t be used.  Some of the existing walls between consultation rooms had already been insulated so we took a layered mass approach there to reduce airborne noise transfer.  The walls that were shared with the common space had no insulation at all so we took down one side, insulated and then added layered mass to resilient strips on the studs. There was also lots of noise going over the walls above the suspended ceiling so we added a custom arrangement of insulation and soundproofing membrane to tackle this flanking path. Finally, the doors were treated with seals and all glazing was mimicked with acoustic glass to ensure there were no weak spots.  

Improve Communications 

Your employees may find it difficult to speak to one another across their desks when your office is really noisy and it is likely that they will struggle to hear customers when they’re on the phone too. Having good communication is key in any workplace and soundproofing your office space can make it much easier for your team to hear each other. 

Acoustic treatment is becoming more popular within the office as it creates a neutral environment for people to be able to speak.  Large offices with hard surfaces are often the setting for a call centre environment which can make it tricky when multiple people are having conversations. Well-positioned acoustic panels work by dampening and deadening soundwaves owing to the sound absorption materials that the panels are constructed from. The panels help eliminate background noise and they control the reverberation – which occurs when sound bounces off walls.

Increase Temperature Control 

It’s worth noting that installing soundproofing solutions can also help you to keep your office at a comfortable temperature all year round. Whether you have the heating or the air conditioning on, soundproofing the ceilingsfloors, walls and windows will prevent air from leaking in or out. For example, soundproof windows offer a 65% reduction in heat loss. Having increased control over the climate in your workplace is beneficial for several reasons, from reducing your energy bills to improving employee satisfaction and morale. 

Investing In Soundproofing Solutions 

Ultimately, there are so many advantages to soundproofing your office space and if you have noisy neighbours or you struggle with noise travelling through your partitioned walls, installing soundproof systems is the answer to all of your problems. When searching for a company that specialises in soundproofing in the UK, don’t hesitate to contact our team at City Insulation. 

We install market-leading soundproofing solutions and we will be happy to help you reduce the noise in your office space. As a domestic and commercial soundproofing company, we have worked on properties of all shapes and sizes in the past, and all of our systems are customisable to your individual sound-related problems. We are passionate about providing our customers peace and quiet, and we truly care about the outcome of our service. We are very proud of our exemplary reputation and we can assure you that we won’t let you down when you’re looking for a company to assist you with soundproofing in the UK. 

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