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The Best Ways To Soundproof Your Home

We’ve outlined below, the best ways to soundproof your home. Whether you can hear your next-door neighbour’s television, people having parties in their gardens or cars driving past outside, general day-to-day noise can be frustrating. Your home is supposed to be somewhere that you can relax, but when you’re constantly bombarded with unwanted noise, relaxing can be virtually impossible.

Thankfully, there is a quick and noninvasive answer to all of your peace and quiet needs; soundproofing. Many don’t realise just how readily available soundproofing solutions are and domestic soundproofing can significantly reduce noise travelling around your home. If you’ve never really considered using soundproofing noise reduction techniques before and you’re intrigued to learn more in this regard, below we have investigated some of the best ways to effectively soundproof your home.

Soundproof wall insulation

This is one of the most popular soundproofing solutions and it is incredibly effective for combating unwanted noise. Whether the noise is coming from your next-door neighbours or even from one room to another within your home, using soundproof wall insulation will help with both airborne and impact sound reduction. From substitute wall soundproofing systems to resilient bar wall soundproofing systems, there is a solution for all homeowners’ needs.

Soundproof floor insulation

Similarly, to soundproof wall insulation, floor insulation is a great choice when soundproofing your home. This solution is particularly useful if you live above a noisy neighbour and it can help to prevent common airborne noise like music, shouting and dogs barking from disturbing you on a daily basis. Soundproof floor insulation can be installed under your original floorboards or a floating system can replace your old floorboards, whichever is most suitable for your home.

Soundproof ceiling insulation

Another popular insulation option is soundproof ceiling insulation and it is a brilliant soundproofing solution if you live below someone else. Installing ceiling insulation can help to reduce impact noise like people walking, chairs scraping, feet tapping, or things being dropped in the apartment above you. From independent false ceiling soundproofing systems to isolation clip and rail ceiling soundproofing systems, there are various solutions available to choose from and customise to your individual problems needs.

Soundproof secondary glazing

One of the most significant ways noise enters the homes is through the windows, so when outdoor noise is a real problem, soundproof secondary glazing is one of the best ways to soundproof your home. No neighborhood is completely immune to outside noise pollution, but secondary glazing can reduce noise by up to 80% and surprisingly to some, it outperforms double glazing when it comes to sound insulation. With additional benefits like a 65% reduction in heat loss and improved home security, soundproof secondary glazing is a cost-effective soundproofing solution for absolutely any home.

Soundproof doors

Since doors are movable and inherently lighter than the wall they fit in, they pose a problem when it comes to stopping both airborne and impact noise from travelling in or out of a room. Soundproof doors can be effective and whether you upgrade your existing doors or fully replace them, they will help to reduce unwanted noise coming through the door by up to 60%. By addressing two fundamental issues; door mass and gaps around the door, the rooms in your home will be much quieter in general.

Finding soundproofing specialists to soundproof your home

All in all, it is fair to say that you don’t simply have to put up with the daily noise disturbing your peace. Soundproofing your home really is a brilliant way to ensure that your home is the sanctuary that it should be. Any of the soundproofing solutions mentioned above can make such a big difference, so they are all worthwhile exploring when deciding how best to soundproof your home.

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